R32 Elite Inverter Sky Series Air Conditioner - nanoe™ & Radiant Cooling aircond

Unique Top Flap Design – SKYWING

SKYWING featuring an innovative top flap design which maximizes airflow for consistent cooling. Equipped with a Multidirectional Arm that can adjust the angle of the airflow towards the ceiling and walls to remove trapped heat, resulting in an even cooling effect throughout the room - Radiant Cooling.

Controlled By A Multidirectional Arm, SKYWING can cool you in two ways :

Fast Cooling delivers powerful airflow - Sky Series Air Conditioner


SKYWING angles downwards to deliver powerful airflow at start up.


After reaching the set temperature, SKYWING angles upwards to direct cool air towards the ceiling and walls, spreading cool air evenly throughout the room.

Modern & Minimalist Design - Sky Series Air Conditioner


The fully smooth and seamless surface with a touch of thin chrome line, a perfect blend of elegance and luxury.

nanoe™ Technology - deodorises, inhibits bacteria and viruses, dust removal

Panasonic's nanoe™ Technology is a revolutionary air purification system that deodorises, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses; and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.


Enjoy innovative design at your fingertips with the new stylish and sleek Backlit Sky Controller.

With a width of 58.9mm and a length of 164.7mm, the Sky Controller fits comfortably into your hand.

R32 Elite Inverter Sky Series Air Conditioner - Quality Air, Better Life


We improve the Quality of Air, so you can improve the Quality of Life.

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