Air Is Life

At Panasonic Air Conditioners, we want to deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions. We want to create Total Air Solutions that let you enjoy Quality Indoor Air.

nanoe™ Technology

Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor concern. People are spending more time indoors, making indoor air quality a more serious issue than most people realise.

Panasonic Air Conditioner 60th Anniversary

Bringing You Ultimate Cooling Comfort Since 1958

The Haunted Seat

The haunted seat...they say every office has one.
Catch "The Haunted Seat" now if you dare.

Fairy Tales Do Come True

End the curse of dry skin with the magic of Radiant Cooling.
Switch to Panasonic Sky Series Air Conditioner today.

Don't Dry Up!

Don't let your air conditioner dry you up! This Chinese New Year, enjoy Radiant Cooling with Panasonic Sky Series. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

A Cool Story by Panasonic Sky Series Air Conditioner

[BREAKING NEWS] A heroic security guard saved a girl from a snatch thief with his impressive martial art moves that have never been seen before. Find out how it all unfolded right here!

Coolest Air Conditioner Tips #1: Installation

Horsepower? Copper Tubes? Compressor Placement? What? Here’s all you need to know about air conditioner installation. You will be an expert in no time.

Coolest Air Conditioner Tips #2 - Remote Function

You wouldn't have guessed, but this grandma probably knows technology better than you!

Coolest Air Conditioner Tips #3 – Maintenance

Do you clean your air conditioner by spraying water on it or worse…not cleaning it at all? It is actually easier than you think! Watch now!

What is Radiant Cooling? New Elite Inverter Sky Series Air Conditioner

RADIANT COOLING- ALL-ROUND COOLING UP Ceilings and walls tend to trap heat, which make living spaces inside hot and uncomfortable. The solution was inspired by a scientific principle called the Coanda Effect.


Ways to Survive Your Crazy Cold Office

Offices in Malaysia have a common problem – they are way too cold.

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner is Harming You

Air conditioning is a life saver in our hot, tropical climate, but could it also be harming your health?

An Air Conditioner That Helps You Live Better

From our cars, to our homes, offices and at the malls, the air conditioning is usually on at high. While it may feel great on a scorching hot day, it also causes our skin to dry out.

The Future Is Up – Panasonic Sky Series

On a hot day, you rush to put the air conditioner on full blast and get comfy as you cool down. As it starts to get uncomfortably cold, you switch the air conditioning off and almost immediately you feel hot air radiating from the walls, filling up the room rapidly. Sounds familiar? Now, we have a solution for you. Meet our latest air conditioner - the New Elite Inverter SKY Series.

Of Caves, Science and Cool Comfort – Panasonic Sky Series Air Conditioners

Besides our beautiful tropical forest, Malaysia is home to some majestic caves.

The Cool Channel

Ways to Survive Your Crazy Cold Office

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner is Harming You