Be Cooled Be Fuelled - Panasonic Malaysia

"BE COOLED, BE FUELLED" Campaign is open to all Panasonic Air-Conditioner Installers




2. PWC Construction (Low Kim Mooi)

3. BDL Electronics (Jane Hong)

4. KSC A/C (Jess)

5. Wei Soon A.Cond (Low Huei Huak)

6. TNT Cooling Part (Ms Tee)

7. Kok Chia Air-Cond (Yong Chai Fong)

8. True Cool (Tan Chuan Kit)

9. KH Cool S/B (Mx Kum)

10. Jin San Trading (Azra Jawatul)

11. Gan Radio & TV (Gan Han Yang)

12. ACL Interior Design (Wong Kiat Leong)

13. ACL Interior Design (Wong Kiat Leong)

14. U-Chuan Elect (Lim Wang Sheng)

15. IT Porelink (Wong)

16. L.C.H Air Cond (Low Kim Mooi)

17. LKAC (Liew Kok Wah)

18. Nurul Izzan

19. Ming Soon Cooling (Loh Kong Pah)

20. Siang Wau Elect (Chong Fei Foon)

21. Lim Chee Wei

22. Ramesh

23. TETE Air Cond (Leh Keam Han)

24. ECOMAN (Meng)

25. Tuck Lee A/Cond (Yang Lai Chew)

26. Ngau Soo Kee

27. Lee Chin Yang

28. Chee Kok Keong

29. Moo Cool Air Cond (Leong Buu Shyang)

30. YK Lim


1. C F Hardware (Ng Lay Yoot)

2. Ho Koon Gim A/C (Ng Chee Yin)

3. Ng Trading (Lim Leong Hoo)

4. Ng Trading (Lim Leong Hoo)

5. C F Hardware (Ng Lay Yoot)

6. Hi Tech Service (Ngoi Kong Meng)

7. Ng Yoke Onn

8. Zhidai Aircond (Chuah Saw Mei)

9. Lee Kwai Ying

10. One Stop On Air Cond (Chin Poh Fun)


1. CCO Air Cond (Er Kuan Yee)

2. Perniagaan Jin Chew (Mohd Shah Fuan)

3. Chee Heng Air Cond (Michael)

4. YDL Air Cond (Teck Hing)

5. Won Seoong Ent (Lai Mei Kuan)

6. Top Cool Air Cond (Muhammad Jainizam)

7. Perniagaan Base Kong Ha Hin (Robert Ong)

8. Ong Su Hing

9. Chong Trading (Chong Chee Chuan)

10. B.C Air Cond (Tan Boon Chong)

11. K S Cooling (Lee Kek Seng)


1. MZS Unggul Eng (Mohn Zamri)

2. MG Jaya Ent (Badaiziah)

3. Chong Jun Tarh

4. C K A/C (C K)

5. Fendi

6. Choy Air Cond (Chee Siang Choy)

7. Lee Electrical (Teo Siang Nam)


1. Kok Hun Air Cond (Tan Chin Hui)

2. Chien Xuan Ent (Ng Teng Chien)

3. Sky Safe Trading (Lee Chee Loon)

4. Y K Ooi Enterprise (Oo Khai Yang)

5. Sky Safe Trading (Lee Chee Loon)


1. Ping Air Cond (Ling Ching Ping)

2. Jackson Air Cond (Tan Fun Wei)

3. K&K Elect (Kuan Siaw Fook)

4. Heng Lee A/C (Lim Choon Hock)

5. Century Air Cond (Chin Chee Vui)

6. Bintang Elect (Lim Poh Hong)

7. Global Air Cond (Lau Teck Senh)

8. Four Season (Goh Wei Hong)

9. Ting Sing Foo


1. BEC Electrical

2. Sinjo Hotel (Ng Kooi Ching)

3. YH Elect (Lim Chee Chow)

4. Wong Chin Loong

5. Flying (Ms Nor)

6. Horisma Binti Wahja

7. Ong Elect (Ong)

8. Hassan Bin Hassan

9. Wong Chin Chin (C.J. Hing)

10. TENSTA A/C (Ong Kheng Chiew)


1. Full Soon Air Cond (Wong Pin Soon)

2. Kien Yap Elect (Moh Mee Liak)

3. Sky Ent (Wan Yat Khong)

4. June Leong

5. Metrology Wei Ching Instrument (Chin Tshun Vui)

6. Gent A-Cond (Sergent)


1. Lianlo Air Cond Sales & Service (Dennu Tan Ai Nee)

2. Neoh Wai Keat

3. Delight Air Cond (Lim Zhi Xiang)

4. Lim Chin Kim

5. Chee Wang Air Cond (Danny Khoog Boon Huat)

6. SJB Eng (Siu Joo Beng)

7. GNG Air Cond (Goh Yee Tee)

8. Delight Air Cond (Lim Zhi Xiang)

9. Yip Hoong Enterprise (Fong Seng Hoong)

10. Lean Hin Air Cond (Heah Teng Hin)

11. Elektrik Heng Huat (Chai Kok Chiang)

12. S C Air Cond (The Peng Wooi)


100 sets of CS/CU-PN9VKH

Panasonic Grand Prize Travel Package worth RM3000


Petrol Card, T-shirt & Water Bottle

Panasonic Grand Prize Travel Package worth RM3000

Terms & Conditions:

  • This campaign is open to all air conditioner installers.
  • Every purchase of 1 set of air conditioner is entitled for one lucky draw. Air conditioner installers may get the lucky draw from Panasonic authorised dealer.
  • Promotion begins from 9.00am~12.00pm per outlet, any redemption occurring before 9.00am and after 12.00pm is not valid.
  • Each location Is only allocated with limited gifts. This is based on First Come First Serve basis.
  • Each redemption of gift must be supported by the actual day sales invoice, commencing 9.00am to 12.00pm.
  • Grand Prizes will be drawn at Panasonic Malaysia HQ on 11 July 2019, 11.00am Address: Wisma Panasonic, Lot 10, Jalan 13/2. 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Tel 03-78097688
  • The winners for the Grand Prize to be published on our microsite at
  • If there is a violation or abuse of the campaign, this lucky draw is deemed null and void.
  • PM reserves the right to alter any of the conditions above if deemed necessary.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and phone call as inputted in the lucky draw ticket.
  • The representatives from Panasonic Malaysia will contact the winners as soon as possible.