Ways to Survive Your Crazy Cold Office

Offices in Malaysia have a common problem – they are way too cold. You’re likely to be shivering away if you’re not bundled up in layers of blankets at your seat. Coldest seats in the office are also deemed as the ‘haunted’ seat. Well, don’t let the chills get to you, here are some ways to keep yourself nice and toasty!

Bring Your Own Blanket/Winter Jacket

In fact, offices that can’t seem to keep their thermostats under control should start providing blankets. But until then, you should bring your own! Even a giant shawl will do the trick.

Keep a Hot Flask

Warm drinks are an absolute life saver in the cold. Save yourself the trouble of walking to the pantry in the cold and keep your drink steaming hot in a flask by your desk.

Window Seats

Getting dibs on a window seat to enjoy the warm sunlight streaming through the windows will help make temperatures more bearable. The description “cold, dark corner” clearly has its reasons.

Have a Moisturiser on Hand

The blistering cold of an office can dry out your skin in an instant which causes further discomfort as your skin starts to pull and tighten. Counter this by keeping an extra moisturiser at your desk for when you need it.

If all else fails and you are seated at the ‘haunted’ seat in the office, there’s only one way to tackle it.

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Ways to Survive Your Crazy Cold Office

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