Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner is Harming You

Air conditioning is a life saver in our hot, tropical climate, but could it also be harming your health? Here are some warning signs that your favourite mechanical friend may do more harm than good.

You look like Rudolph

Are you constantly sneezing with a runny nose when it’s 32 degrees outside? If you’ve ruled out allergies, then the dry air caused by direct airflow and cold temperatures from the air-conditioner creating excess mucous secretion could be the culprit.

Desert skin

If dry, flaky elbows are part of your everyday look coupled with cracked skin that looks like the surface of the Sahara Dessert, there’s a problem and moisturisers are just temporary fixes.

Blinking syndrome

Blinking a lot lately? It’s a sign your eyes are frantically trying to moisturize themselves. The constant cold air from the air-conditioner strips your peepers of moisture, causing discomfort. Even non-contact lens wearers could experience this.

Iced finger

When your typing speed slows down and you can’t even bend your fingers; or you find yourself sitting on your hands to warm them up, ever asked yourself why are you still putting up with this?

This doesn’t mark the end of the air-conditioning era, we just need to rethink the way air conditioners work. Instead of direct cooling, opt for Radiant cooling instead. Radiant cooling is the science of cooling your surroundings to keep you cool. When your surrounding is at a lower temperature, extra heat from your body gets absorbs into the environment without any form of direct cooling at all! This is the same reason why walking into a cave feels so much cooler.

The only air-conditioner in the market with Radiant Cooling is the Panasonic Sky Series. It was designed specifically to provide a solution to all the unwanted side-effects of traditional air-conditioning such as runny nose, desert skin, dry eyes and icy fingers while maintaining, 98%* of skin moisture. So now, you can enjoy cooling comfort with peace of mind.

Make the switch and experience the difference.

*Applicable to ELITE INVERTER only. All test results are based on internal test.

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Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner is Harming You