The Future Is Up - Panasonic Sky Series

On a hot day, you rush to put the air conditioner on full blast and get comfy as you cool down. As it starts to get uncomfortably cold, you switch the air conditioning off and almost immediately you feel hot air radiating from the walls, filling up the room rapidly. Sounds familiar? Now, we have a solution for you. Meet our latest air conditioner - the New Elite Inverter SKY Series.

The new SKY Series has been designed with great innovative details to provide you comfort, health and beauty. At first glance, you would notice its sleek & striking design, making it a luxurious complement to any interior. The most striking feature however is the SKYWING that is located at the top and features a multidirectional arm which brings us to unveil a new way of cooling like you’ve never experienced before.

The multidirectional arm that controls the SKYWING allows it to help you stay cool in 2 ways. When the SKYWING tilts down, you enjoy powerful and efficient Fast Cooling that cools you down quickly. Once the room has reached the set temperature, the SKYWING will be angled upwards to direct cool air to the ceiling and walls, spreading cool air gently and evenly throughout the room, which is what we call, Radiant Cooling.

Why Radiant Cooling?

Heat from outside of the home gets trapped in our ceiling and walls making our living spaces inside hot & uncomfortable. By switching on Radiant Cooling heat is removed from the ceiling and walls resulting in an all-round coolness even without the airflow being directed directly at you.

This way of cooling makes the SKY series maintain the coolness of the room in a very gentle and even manner that also helps to retain skin moisture and prevent dry skin. Other problems caused by direct airflow such as dry throat in the middle of the night, being too cold and cool air blowing onto your body causing discomfort will be minimised as well.

Besides the new cooling system, the new SKY Series is also concerned about your air quality. Equipped with Panasonic’s advanced air purification system the nanoe-G now features the new Dust Sensor to constantly monitor particle concentration levels in your room. The Dust Sensor switches on the nanoe-G when particle level is high to purify the air of harmful airborne particles, ensuring you and your loved ones are surrounded by healthy air.

Of course, any great design has to be energy savvy too. A conventional non-Inverter air conditioner maintains the set temperature by switching the compressor ON and OFF repeatedly. This results in a wide temperature fluctuation leading to wasteful consumption of energy. The SKY Series comes with the unique Inverter technology that varies the compressor’s speed to maintain a set temperature, hence using less energy. So you can stay comfortable and cool always.

With a long history of creating air conditioners equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SKY Series is our most revolutionary one yet. The series is a quantum leap in design and performance, bringing you comfortable living, healthy air in a beautifully modern design. It will beautify your homes and lives while changing the way you think of air conditioning, forever.

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