Of Caves, Science and Cool Comfort

Besides our beautiful tropical forest, Malaysia is home to some majestic caves.

Towering stalagmites and spectacular stalactites, Batu Caves, Gua Tempurung, and UNESCO World Heritage Gunung Mulu Caves are some of Malaysia’s most internationally talked about and well known sights in the world. But what makes them so special? Well, for one, caves are majestic structures that play an important role in any environment. Gradually formed over millions of years, caves are not only amazing and beautiful with their impressive formations and underground rivers.

One of the most unique features of a cave is the ability to maintain its internal temperatures. If you’ve ever been in a cave on a hot day, you’d notice how cool it is inside. Due to its solid insulation of rocks acting as heat absorbers, the surface temperatures of a cave’s ceiling and walls are maintained at a constantly low level, allowing heat from our bodies to be absorbed into the cool surroundings.

As outside air flows into the cave, it has a tendency to move along the cave’s surfaces, allowing this heat absorption and cooling to happen. The clinging of air to surfaces is known as the Coanda Effect, the scientific principle and inspiration for Panasonic’s Radiant Cooling concept, the latest technology behind the new Panasonic Sky Series air conditioners – a new generation of premium cooling and elegant design.

Just like cave ceiling and walls, the surfaces in our homes also act as heat absorbers, trapping heat. Through the concept of Radiant Cooling, warm air is taken in, while cool air is directed towards the ceiling, where it flows along the surfaces of the walls, removing trapped heat and providing a more even distribution of cool air. This results in a lower average room temperature, minus the drying effects and unhealthy excessive cooling of direct airflow on the body. Instead of heat being unevenly absorbed by the direct cool breeze on your skin, it is gently absorbed into the cooler environment. It’s almost like stepping into a mall!

To achieve Radiant Cooling, the Panasonic SKY Series air conditioners are equipped with the new SKYWING, located at the top of the air conditioner. Featuring a multi-directional arm, the SKYWING allows for versatile cooling through the adjustment of angles into your preferred setting. Direct the SKYWING downwards for Fast Cooling mode, then the SKYWING will automatically transition into the Radiant Cooling mode by pointing the flap upwards to direct cool air towards the ceiling to remove heat build-up in the ceiling and walls, inducing an even and comfortable cooling effect.

Like the remarkable way nature astounds us, have a piece of nature’s inspired science and cooling in your own home. The Panasonic SKY Series will change the way air conditioners keep you cool, forever.

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