You know what you eat and drink.

But do you know what you breathe in?

Each day we breathe in about 220 000 000 particles of harmful pollutants that lingers in the air.* *Research done by National University of Singapore

And you might think it all comes from the outdoors. Turns out, the indoor air can get x10 worse!* *According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

But since they're not visible, it's easy for us to dismiss these threats.

But what if we treated our air like foods and drinks?

Want to know what your air "diet" looks like?

Want to make your own dusty delicacies? here are the recipe videos

By the way, did you realise how dusty the site has become?

Click the nanoeTM Technology icon to clean.

Panasonic air conditioners with nanoeTM Technology removes up to 99% of air pollutants.

nanoeTM Technology is essentially an air purifying system built into the air conditioner.

It releases tiny water particles that prevent air pollutants from growing and spreading, including air particles as microscopic as viruses and bacteria. Because of its small size, it also reaches deep into fabric to remove bacteria that causes odours. And just like any purifying system, nanoeTM tech can effectively remove dust too.

Now you have a fast cooling, energy saving air conditioner that cleans the air too.

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