Poor air quality causes lack of focus

Uncomfortable study environment causes you to feel lethargic and unproductive.

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Air Solutions for Study Room

Air Purification

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Clean study room with minimal dust accumulation

Prevents dust from settling on books and surfaces to minimise allergies.
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Cleaner & fresher air with dust removal (PM2.5)

Removes dust particle as small as PM2.5 in the air to keep air fresh.
* nanoe-G applicable to PREMIUM INVERTER R32.

Air Flow

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Comfortable environment for learning

Cool air showers down gently and evenly across the room prevents overcooling for better concentration.
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Book storage stays pleasantly dry

Switch on ‘Dry Mode’ to control humidity.

Air Efficiency

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Optimal comfort in your study space with more energy savings

ECO Mode with A.I. learns and adapts to your environment based on heat load conditions and air conditioning capacity to maximise energy savings.
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Minimal distractions to stay focused

Quiet Mode ensures low noise levels for a cool and peaceful study room atmosphere.

Air Connectivity

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Fresh and purified air at all times

Monitor air quality with ease and activate thenanoeTM mode using Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.
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Easily adjust temperature via mobile device

Remotely control temperature even when you are away from home.


Study Room

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1.5HP PREMIUM INVERTER R32 Single Split Type
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