How To Survive A Heat Wave

A heat wave occurs when hot and humid weather exceeds our regular temperatures and we experience that uncomfortable feeling that lies heavy in the air when we step outside. Want some practical ways to beat the heat? Here are a few suggestions.

Maintain your body’s moisture

Drinking plenty of fluids and staying away from alcohol and caffeinated beverages will help you stay hydrated. Another way to maintain the moisture levels in your body is through using an air conditioner that uses an Indirect Cooling method. This method cools the walls and ceiling instead of removing heat from the surface of your skin and stripping away moisture. This results in a cool environment while helping you maintain soft and supple skin. The Panasonic Sky Series air conditioner gives you just that.

Wear loose clothing and use sunscreen

Choose cotton fabrics in light shades because heat is trapped in dark colours and synthetic fibres like polyester, which will make you feel warmer. Cotton is able to absorb perspiration and make you feel cooler when it evaporates. And always apply sunscreen before you head out to prevent future sun damage to your skin.

A versatile air conditioner

Beat the heat with an air conditioner that’s smart, powerful and versatile. Panasonic’s Sky Series and Aero Series air conditioners are built with the ability to cool a room down gently with the innovative and smart indirect cooling methods, Radiant Cooling and Shower Cooling.

Radiant Cooling with Sky Series air conditioners focuses on cooling the walls and ceiling to eliminate trapped heat and radiate coolness into your surroundings, just like in caves.


The Aero Series on the other hand, adopts the Shower Cooling method by directing airflow upwards to evenly cool the room with a gentle cool breeze. Additionally, the Aero Series and Sky Series are equipped with Inverter technology that optimises cooling power and maximises energy efficiency while keeping you comfortably cool.

Use our stay-cool tips and switch to the Aero Series and Sky Series for the perfect cooling experience. Visit an authorised Panasonic dealer today.

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