5 Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep

A night spent tossing and turning in bed usually equals lower productivity levels the next day, not to mention crankiness and tiredness. If you have been having trouble getting some quality shut-eye, here’s how you can switch off and wind down at night to feel refreshed in the morning.

Be aware of your sleep cycle

Your body works best when you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and that includes weekends and holidays. Try being consistent and you will get a better night’s rest.

Watch your diet

Going to bed after overeating or feeling hungry could disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. And if you always drink water before going to bed, you could be waking up repeatedly to use the toilet, thus disrupting your sleep.

Limit daytime naps

A habit of napping during the day could interfere with you getting quality sleep at night. If you really need a nap, keep it to no longer than 30 minutes and try to fit it in the mid-afternoon rather than evening to give your body time to adjust to sleep mode again at night.

Put devices away

Keep your bedroom quiet and dark for the best quality sleep. This means learning how to disengage by putting away gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops and TVs away about an hour before bed.

Cool down your bedroom

Apart from silence and darkness to aid your sleep, keeping the temperature in your room constant is also another key to a comfortable night’s rest. Overcooling or inconsistent temperature can lead to restless sleep.

Panasonic’s AERO Series air conditioner can help you sleep better through a new cooling method known as Shower Cooling. By directing airflow upwards to spread cool air evenly across the room, you will enjoy a gentle breeze-like comfort while avoiding overcooling. Its P-TECH technology cools down a room much quicker compared to normal air conditioners, ensuring you get a much more comfortable sleep sooner.

If you are in the market for better sleep, head over to an authorised dealer and experience cooling comfort inspired by nature that lets you wake up feeling ready to face the day, every day!


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